Community Empowerment Ministries  

is a Word-oriented, non-denominational teaching ministry whose mission is to empower communities by first empowering individuals. This empowerment involves building self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, along with the renewing of the mind through revelation knowledge of God's Word. The foundation of the ministry is based on Jesus' model character of love, humility, and compassion. It emphasizes unification of the Body of Christ, nurtured in a Christian environment in which spiritually mature leaders equip the whole congregation to minister both inwardly and outwardly to the multitudes. The desired result is a confident Body of Believers having all things common, exercising their anointing to edify one another; from local communities to communities at large--the world. This is Community Life. It's what Jesus taught his disciples. You must have communities because communities are where you store your values, your culture, your history, your sense of direction, your sense of security, your wealth, your power, your economics, your posterity - all are stored in your community . Community Empowerment Ministries, Inc. is the umbrella. Five other ministries fall under the umbrella: Community Empowerment Church, Community Empowerment Crusade, Community Empowerment Center, Southeast Alliance of Independent Ministries, and Excellence With Caring Ministry. The motto of Community Empowerment Ministries is: “Empowering Communities Through Revelation Knowledge of the Word of God.” The motto’s for the subsiding ministries are: 1. Community Empowerment Church“Empowering the Body Through Personal Relationship.” 2. Community Empowerment Crusade“Empowered to Deliver the Oppressed From the Oppressor.” 3. Community Empowerment Center “Empowering the Whole Community.” 4. The Kingdom Alliance of International Ministries “Empowerment Through Unification of the Faith.” 5. Excellence With Caring Ministry "Preserving A Legacy of Faith, Designing A Future of Hope.” 

Mission Statement

The mission of Community Empowerment Ministries, Inc. is to empower communities (Ministry, Marketplace, and Municipality) to significantly increase their capacity to achieve God-ordained purposes through understanding and living principle-centered truths based on Revelation Knowledge of God's Word; to teach, train, and educate believers for kingdom level leadership which leads to a full and varied life in abundance and advancement of The Kingdom of God on the earth. (Rev. 11:15).


Dr. James Brewton


Phone: 803 591-8744


Evang. Margie Brewton


Phone: 803 591-8745


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Community Empowerment Family Worship Ministries, Inc - Claxton, GA 30417

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Community Empowerment Ministries, Inc. &

Community Empowerment Family Worship Ministries, Inc.

219 Oak St. 
Claxton, GA 30417
Phone: (803) 591-8744

Hours of Worship


Sunday Morning Worship         11:00am



The Identitly Institute School of Ministry

Mondays                       5:00pm



Bible Study

Wednesdays                 7:00pm

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