All Kingdom All The Time

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My purpose in writing this book is to communicate through personal experiences the process toward spiritual maturity and how to endure it. It is a process that begins with total surrender to the development of saints from footmen and spiritual babes to horsemen—commanders, generals, officers, leaders, and spiritual parents.

Spiritual growth takes place when a believer learns to trust God completely, willingly obey his commands, heed his instructions, and serve God in the kingdom assignment he specifically ordained for that individual’s life on earth. The process is relative to the purpose, and the experience is unique to the believer.

I am very transparent in sharing some of the experiences I’ve encountered and endured en route to spiritual maturity and becoming a commissioned kingdom-compliant servant-leader. Together we will traverse the spiritual growth process by learning how to stay tuned-in to the frequency of heaven, God’s frequency, through his omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. His very nature, power, and glory work in and through the believer. It is the same power Jesus exercised during his earthly ministry.

All Kingdom All The Time
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All Kingdom All The Time
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